Here are some solo excerpts:

Smoke 'em If You Got 'em (Slippery Slope - Chris Hunt)

Good Cop Bad Cop (Slippery Slope - Chris Hunt)

If This Is Love(Martha Byrne )

Xstasy(Music for Lovemaking Vol. 1 - Media Right Music)- Gettin' my Wah Wah's out!

Christmas Time In America(James Lewis)

D'Amour(Golf's Greatest Hits - Media Right Music)- Flute & Sax

Kenny Cetera's Chicago Experience:

A fun project with Peter's brother, Kenny. (Dare I say....As close to Chicago as you're gonna get, without it being them!)

( with: John Kozan - Trombone / Rob Barbiero - Trumpet)

Just You And Me

25 or 6 to 4

Feeling Stronger Every Day

Andrew Dice Clay - Brooklyn Bad Boys:(Madison Square Garden)

Brooklyn Bad Boy (Theme Song)

Curious Volume (my son Andrew's band):

Vs World


Sheraton Hotels

Uniform Jeans


A magical moment in time -These are the brilliant songs of Doug Maxwell.The music that we created, and the work that we put into trying to get noticed, still rank among the proudest accomplishments of my life. Since this never got released (the music biz was a bit different back then), I am posting the entire recording. It still sounds special to me today. I hope you agree.

An incredible group of musicians and friends contributed their talents to the recording, and later the live performances...which were always an event!....

Doug Maxwell: keyboards, bass, background vocals, recording engineer/producer.

Russ Paladino: sax, keyboards, background vocals.

Tom Montalbano: drums, exotic percussion, drum programming.

James Lewis: lead vocals

Steve Greenberg (recording) / Mike Rohatyn(recording)/ Nunzio Signore(live)/ Chris Hunt(live): guitars

David Santos (live)/ Mark Epstein (live): bass

01 - Take A Chance

02 - Between The Cracks

03 - My Life

04 - Stop The Motion

05 - Prime Time

06 - Through The Glass

07 - Dancing In My Dreams

08 - My Island

09 - Make Some Noise

Russ Paladino - Paladinotes Music